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Why isn’t ash this funny anymore




If I ever get married, our vows better be based on the Team Rocket motto.

I vow to protect you from devastation.
To unite our privates and feel sensation.
To pronounce you as my one true love,
and see the glitter of your eyes in the stars above.
Team Rocket, married, committed for life!
Pronounce us now, as husband and wife!
Priiiiiiest! Alright!

This is the best thing I’ve seen on Tumblr today.


did someone say pokemon shaming



more pokemans

pls make pokemonshaming a thing

Reblog if your getting blaziken

Reblog if your getting sceptile

Reblog if your getting swampert


being able to grow up with pokemon is literally the best thing that ever happened to me

Pokemon tcg for game boy will be available in the eshop for the DS. Available only in Europe so far but will be available worldwide eventually. I’m so excited

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